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HT ENT: Exclusive Interview With Sarakan Arewa

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@HausaTop_Com: Briefly Introduce Yourself?

Sarakan Arewa: Sarakan Arewa From Garin Zazzau We are into hausa hip hop , and at the same time other genres of music too.
We are two in number, Acha & Teeclarkz… and presently we are schooling in Abu zaria.

@HausaTop_Com: So Tell Us About Your Educational Matter?

Sarakan Arewa: For now, its music before anything… school comes next though.
Knowledge is better than education.

@HausaTop_Com: When Did You Start Writting & Recording Music?

Sarakan Arewa: We started at a very young age., but we got into music full time in 2008 with a song titled “hanwa girls” which became a hit in zaria at the time..
Its been a long time coming you know.

@HausaTop_Com: What Inspire You To Start Writing & Recoding Music?

Sarakan Arewa: “Inspire us”? , The streets of course, and everything around us, e.g , the voiceless people, young guys hustling on the streets and most of all  , we the Hausa rappers in general  are left behind and I mean all of us, but with the kind of sound the streets has inspired us with, we’ll get there eventually.

@HausaTop_Com: For Now Did You Released Any Album Or E.P? If Not How Many Singled Have You Drops?

Sarakan Arewa: We dropped an ep recently titled – “442”, wato Mummunan Attacking… and we have 2 other singles, Fado Ta Kai & Minti Nawa Ne.

@HausaTop_Com: What’s Your Favourite Song Among All Your Tracks?

Sarakan Arewa: Deed is done, from the ep 442.. because It has a very strong message in it.

@HausaTop_Com: Did You Released Any Official Video Yet?

Sarakan Arewa: Yes , we have 4 videos presently on air.

@HausaTop_Com: What Projects Are You Currently Working On?

Sarakan Arewa: Its a suprise. 442 ne.

Sarakan Arewa: just Watch out for Sarakan Arewa This year is gonna be mad.

@HausaTop_Com: Should Your Fans To Keep Anticipating Something Like Album Or E.P (Extended Play) From You Soon This Year Or Next Year?

Sarakan Arewa: We’ll be dropping solo projects and duo projects this year. , Teeclarkz will be dropping a solo mixtape Titled “Muryoyi” And we’ll both be dropping a mixtape together titled “Atsara Ne” and an ep Titled “Qara”

@HausaTop_Com: Mention Your 2 Favourite Rappers In Nigeria?

Sarakan Arewa: TeeClarkz and Acha.

@HausaTop_Com: What Do You Say About HausaTop Blog?

Sarakan Arewa: You guys are doing a great job… wataran sai labari.

@HausaTop_Com: What Words Do You Have For Your Fans? And How Can They Get Or Download Your Music?

Sarakan Arewa: We love them.. and they should keep supporting the right team(SarakanArewa)… kwakwalwan ne.
Search Google or visit hausatop.com for our lastest updates.

@HausaTop_Com: That Will Be All. Thank You For Your Time And Co-Operation

Sarakan Arewa: Thank You Sir

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